BIG JOHN in the 80’s

In the 80s, BIG JOHN designed small loader mounted transplanters. These transplanters mount on various types of skid steer loaders and BIG JOHN currently manufactures a full line of larger loader-mounted models. Also during this time, a customer presented an idea to build a version of the Model 90 to primarily transplant pecan trees. We redesigned the Model 90, mainly focusing on adding back the traditional gate-opening feature along with numerous other changes in the basic structure. Thus, the Model 90AG was born. The letters “AG”, the red color, and other features set this model apart from the yellow contractors Model 90. This particular transplanter is presently a popular unit used by pecan and several other nut tree growers.

In the late 80’s successful international expansion reigned for BIG JOHN. During this time, pod trailers and freestanding pods were at the beginning of their development. These machines transport multiple numbers of trees at the same time. The free-standing pods are very useful for temporary storage of rootballs and trees on the job site. Numerous other developments continued rapidly in the late 80’s and throughout the 90’s to improve the transplanter as well. Over the years, Big John has sustained its position as the leading manufacturer of large tree transplanting and transporting equipment.