The Model 60 Tree Spade

John May then suggested BIG JOHN build a model between the Model 78 and 50. Mr. Blankenship approved his idea and ninety days later, John May accomplished, once again, another milestone for the company, named the Model 60. This machine could dig up to a six inch caliper tree. John May recommended trailer mounted machines be produced. This idea led to the production of trailer mounted machines still manufactured at BIG JOHN today. We sell trailer mounted machines frequently to government agencies, municipalities, and universities to allow them to operate a tree transplanter without needing a truck chassis.

In 1984, BIG JOHN assigned different model numbers to the early-day Models 50, 60, 78, and 88. A larger gate opening known at BIG JOHN as “The Wide Mouth” was designed. This new feature led to a name change for the models. This new attribute enabled a transplanter operator to position the unit around larger trees with full lower branches. This also improved the visibility for a transplanter operator and allowed for less pruning of branches during the transplanting process. The new models are Models 45D, 55D, 65D, 8OD, and 90D.