The BIG JOHN Grabber is designed to fit all late-model skid steers and enables the operator to move, load, and unload B&B material quickly and safely, with no additional manpower. The uniquely shaped paddles cradle the plant or tree rootball, preventing damage and insuring stability of the load as it’s being transported across rough terrain. It quickly attaches to skid steers with auxiliary hydraulics and safely handles root balls 14″ to 54″ in size. Telescoping arms on extends its reach to over 8 feet and can move and place boulders up to 3000 lbs.

The Grabber comes in two models: Grabber 20 and Grabber 32.

Weight 335 lbs.
Reach 100″
Weight 325 lbs.
Reach 84″
Grabber 20
Grabber 32

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