Model 55DTD

Model 55DTD
Model 55DTG
Trailer Length 236″
Trailer Width 96″
Tree Trunk Diameter 4″ – 5″
Root Ball Width 52″
Root Ball Depth 48″
Root Ball Weight 3,600 lbs
Total Machine Weight 10,500 lbs
Transport Height 11′
Blade Tower Height
Gate Opening 30″
Operating Width
Number of Spades 4
Hydraulic Gate Lock Yes
Hydraulic Tongue Yes
Tongue Swivel
Tongue Swivel
Hydraulic Jack Stand Yes
Adjustable Hydraulic Pads Yes
Adjustable Mechanical Pads No
Spade Material AR500
Axle Rating
10,000 lbs
Axle Rating
10,000 lbs
Engine Diesel 21HP
Electric Brakes Yes
Tire Size 12 x 16.5
Hydraulic Stabilizers Yes
Water Tank Capacity 55 gal
Water Pump 12-volt
Electric Start Yes
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 45 gal

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