Model 90DAG

Model 90AG blades
Model 90DAG blades
Model 90D picking up a pecan tree
Model 90DAG picking up a pecan tree
Nominal Tree Trunk Diameter 10″ – 12″
Weight of Transplanter 17,760 lbs
 Height Closed
(for Transportation)
 13′ 6″
Width Closed
(for Transportation)
8′ 5.75″
 Nominal Root Ball Width  90″
Root Ball Depth 60″
 Root Ball Weight 11,800 lbs
Water Tank Capacity 400 gal
Oil Reservoir Capacity 45 gal
 Hydraulic Pressure Relief 3,000 psi
Hydraulic GPM Rating 20 – 22 GPM
Single Axle Truck Length N/A
Tandem Axle Truck Length 156″ – 186″
Minimum HP 350


Truck Requirements

  1. The 400 gal (1,514 L) water tank uses 49” (1,245 mm) of space behind the cab.
  2. The Model 80 and 90 use 132” (3,353 mm) of frame space from the end of the truck going forward.
  3. Ground to top of frame height – 42”-44” (1,067-1,118 mm).
  4. For the Model 90AG we require a rear tandem GVW Rating of at least 46,000lbs (20,865 kg).
  5. The red line denotes Cab to Trunnion measurement or CT. The Model 90AG requires of minimum CT of 156” to 165” (3,962-4,191 mm).
  6. We require a front axle suspension rating of at least 18,000 to 20,000 lbs (8,165-9,072 kg) for the Model 80 and Model 90.
  7. Remember to keep cab height in mind when looking for trucks. Generally lower cabs are preferred to minimize the crown of the tree contacting the cab of the truck. Relocating air horns and lights from the cab is advisable.

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