Buying New v. Buying Used

Buying New v. Buying Used

When contemplating the purchase of tree transplanting equipment it is important to remember the specialized nature of the tree moving business. The public is not as aware of “tree moving” as they are of say, stump grinding or tree trimming. This fact is one of the main reasons why “Image” is so important in Tree Transplanting. This equipment and what it does is highly specialized and should be presented as such.

When starting and maintaining a business, the professionalism that one presents can be the difference between success and failure. Or stated another way; between having a prosperous business and one that never really gets off the ground. An essential part of this professional image is equipment that is clean, well maintained and properly adjusted. The operator should be knowledgeable about the equipment as well as the trees that he is moving. He should present an image of neatness in dress and equipment. Smoking exhaust, oil leaks and filthy clothes are a sure fire way of undermining yourself, your business and the legitimacy of your mission.

Our most successful customers follow these basic guidelines. They are neat, their equipment is new or nearly new and they charge a fee that is commensurate with their level of professionalism. So, when thinking about starting a business, remember that getting started on the right foot is essential. First impressions ARE important! That’s why we recommend that you start with NEW equipment and a Professional approach. It’s your surest avenue to long term success.

Stop! Call BIG JOHN: (800)643-8039 before buying used!!!

In all likelihood we can help you find a better machine at a better value than you can find surfing the internet. We know of a person who purchased an 11 year old machine on a 15 year old truck for about $5,000 less than we could have sold him NEW, factory direct from BIG JOHN. Please speak to us before making your final purchase decision…we can and will do whatever is necessary to assist you.

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