Get Your Tree Spade Moving

Large tree transplanting has been slow, but is picking up! Check out these tips from a 27 year veteran tree mover that is making the most out of the current economic environment!

Did large tree transplanting tank for your business in 08-09? Are you looking for ways to increase your bottom line? Shine up your big tree spades and get moving with the following tips:

  • Hire someone with wholesale nursery knowledge to target business for your tree spades
  • Know your market and competition and make the most out of your area
  • Target arboretum cemeteries-they might need trees relocated as they grow and their trees are a very important part of their business
  • Target zip codes that can afford large trees- send a before and after picture postcard of a beautiful large tree you transplanted in the neighborhood you are targeting
  • Get to know upper end community maintenance supervisors and find out their needs
  • Visit private and government street maintenance facilities and let them know the services you offer
  • Seek out on-site digs instead of just focusing on new tree installations–a lot can come from these easy tree transplants
  • Who are your park officials? Do they know what your tree spade can offer their operations?
  • Get to know residential & commercial landscape architects in your area
  • Who is in charge of road projects in your area? Do they know you can relocate large trees on their current and future road projects?
  • Tap into the custom digging market-Use your BIG JOHN 90D to custom dig bag & burlap & transport to large metro areas
  • Get to know local nurseries that are cutting down or knocking over large trees they don’t have equipment to move, offer to dig & deliver those large trees to their clients and see if you can offer their trees to your clients.
  • There is as much money and less risk in moving trees with a spade