Removing or farming trees is troublesome if you don’t have the right equipment, especially in an urban setting. In Iowa, for example, tree spades are used to move and replant trees safely. With the help of BIG JOHN‘s products, you can rest assured that any beloved tree will be relocated without damage to their fragile root systems.

We understand that it is important to preserve and nurture your trees through transplanting. That’s why we strive to be the state’s most reliable manufacturer of tree spades. Our unique products with patented design features, like tree pods, let movers hold trees in place while the digging gets done. You’ll easily transport your trees from one location to the next! Plus, our products are also designed with durability and longevity in mind. So you can rely on our tree spades in Iowa!

Precision Tree Transplanting Services by BIG JOHN

Discover Our Innovative Tree Transportation Products!

We offer a variety of products to ensure precision tree relocation processes, such as:

  • Truck Mounted Tree Spades
  • Trailer Mounted Tree Spades
  • Loader Mounted Tree Spades
  • Skid Steer Attachments
  • Tractor Attachments
  • Limb Management
  • Tree & Rock Relocator
  • Puller
  • Gopher
  • Dirt Skirts & Alturna Mats
  • Boom Pole
  • 44 Pod Trailer
  • 55 Pod Trailer
  • 65 Pod Trailer
  • 90 Pod Trailer
  • Pod Packs

We’re the Top Choice for Your Tree Relocating Needs!

1. Our Products Offer Durability And Versatility

Our tree pod products are designed to be durable and versatile, allowing you to move trees easily. Also, our boom poles provide added stability during the relocation process.

2. We Offer Financing Options

We understand that transporting trees can be expensive. That’s why we offer financing options to help you purchase the best tree spade for your needs. 

3. You’ll Get Access To Replacement Parts

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your BIG JOHN product in pristine condition. When you need a part, we’ll have it ready to ship the same day in most cases. We’re also here to answer your routine and preventative maintenance questions!

Trust BIG JOHN’s To Provide You with Flawless Tree Transplanting Products in Iowa!

Avoiding the hassle of a complicated tree removal process? Looking for a reliable manufacturer to get a precision tree relocation? Look no further than BIG JOHN! We manufacture top-notch tree transportation products to help you relocate trees with minimal damage and hassle. For over 40 years, we have provided our customers with superior products and services and are continuing to do so. 

Get the best tree spades in Iowa in just 3 effortless steps:

Connect with us for expert guidance and tailored solutions.

Arrange a convenient time to acquire top-quality tree products.

Revel in the tranquility of knowing you’ve secured the finest products available.

Made in USA 40+ Years

Top-Quality Components

One Person Operable

All-Welded Construction

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Proven results from Proud BIG JOHN Owners

I would definitely recommend the Big John tree spades to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient and robust digging machine. The style and design of the Big John 90D proved to be way better and allowed for more down pressure in much harder ground than the other manufacturers’ spade.

Stephen Jones

Friendly service, straight to the point type. Check’m’out!

Robert Dobbins

Amazing and reliable machines.

Lukáš Kaprál

Big John has been the back bone of our company for 30 years now. They are high in quality, durability, dependability, and affordability. Great response from parts and service if needed. Still moving trees in north east Florida.

Keith Kirker

Quality-built Tree Spades made by an American company with a proven track record since the 1970’s.

After owning 3 different manufacturers of Tree Spades I realized I needed to use the Big John brand so I could be more efficient No other manufacturer offers the tree pod capability of taking multiple trees to the job site with 1 trip. Fuel is expensive and time isn’t cheap!

Fred Heckman

Fantastic company with people who care about your business and their products are first class with the service to back them up.

Bryon Rahn