1″ – 4″ Trees

Application: Trailers

Adaptable and Functional

The 54 Trailer Spade features our newest trailer design. It is a versatile trailer that comes in various sizes to fit any BIG JOHN customer's needs.

The 54 Trailer Spade comes with an extendable trailer tongue, hydraulic jack, and hydraulic rear stabilizers. It also comes available in single axle 42 and 44" trailers. Our new design offers the same durable and reliable features as the rest of our BIG JOHN trailer lineup.

Model 54


Nominal Tree Trunk Diameter 1″– 4″
Root Ball Width 44″
Root Ball Depth 36″
Root Ball Weight 1,200 lbs
Total Machine Weight 2,100 lbs
Blade Tower Height 83″
Gate Opening 24″
Opening Width 96″
Number of Spades 4
Hydraulic Gate Lock Yes
Adjustable Hydraulic Pads Yes
Adjustable Mechanical Pads Yes
Spade Material AR400
Drive System (Minimum GPM) 10 – 16

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