5″ – 6″ Trees

Application: Trucks

The Model 55D is built with all the rugged characteristics of the larger spades and works great on class 7 single-axle trucks.

You can move 5 to 6-inch caliper trees on a truck that is highly maneuverable and able to get into those tight places. Also, you can operate the smaller chassis without a CDL.

The Model 55D comes standard with a 400 gallon water tank and 45 gallon oil reservoir. This model operates at 3000psi of hydraulic pressure at 20gpm of flow.



Nominal Tree Trunk Diameter 5″ – 6″
Weight of Transplanter 12,260 lbs
Height Closed (for Transportation, approx.) 11′ 10″
Width Closed (for Transportation, approx.) 8’ 5.75”
Nominal Root Ball Width (Adjustable) 52″
Root Ball Depth (approx.) 48″
Root Ball Weight (approx.) 3,600 lbs
Hydraulic Pressure Relief (Preset) 3,000 PSI
Hydraulic GPM Rating (Gallons Per Minute) 20 – 22 gpm
Tandem Axle Truck Length 120″

Meet the 55D

Our stabilizing pads create a wider base during a dig, better distributing the weight than competitors’ spades so you can use more down pressure during a dig.

On-board water storage provides lubrication for tough digging conditions needed for unprepared digging conditions. Our standard hose attachment makes cleaning and maintaining your spade a snap as well as providing water during a long-distance move if needed.

Correct for trees that have a natural tilt with internal leveling pads that allow you to adjust the spade’s digging position before relocating the tree to its final destination.

Gate hinges designed for stressful conditions, our spades feature heavy-duty gate hinges that beat the competition for longevity.

Our blade edges are the toughest in the business, cutting through not only tough root systems but allowing you to dig in tough soil conditions. Dig in just about any conditions with ease and minimal annual maintenance.

Anyone can learn how to operate a BIG JOHN spade with minimal instruction and successfully dig a tree in a matter of minutes. Maintenance requirements are simple, quick, and affordable with a minimal time commitment to keep your spade at peak performance.

Made with top grade plastics for heavy duty use, our slide blocks dig for thousands of tree moves with ease and simplicity. Fewer moving parts, no bolts to rust, and no small plastic parts to keep track of make the simple design of BIG JOHN spades last decades longer.

Our towers are designed with steps along the inside of the spade to give canopy access during a dig instead of only after the dig when the tree is lowered to the deck.

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