6″ – 7″ Trees

Application: Trailers

Durable and Reliable

The 65DTD is another standard Trailer Mounted spade that comes with the same quality as the rest. The Model 65DTD can handle trees up to 7" in diameter and is made with AR500 spade material. It comes with a hydraulic lock and tongue.



Trailer Length 236″
Trailer Width 96″
Tree Trunk Diameter 6″ – 7″
Root Ball Width 62″
Root Ball Depth 53″
Root Ball Weight (approx.) 4,300 lbs
Total Machine Weight 11,000 lbs
Transport Height 11’6″
Blade Tower Height (down position) 86″
Gate Opening 40″

Meet the 65DTD

Control your tree spade with ease using cabled controls or from anywhere with a wireless remote that allows for easy operation.

Gate hinges designed for stressful conditions, our spades feature heavy-duty gate hinges that beat the competition for longevity.

Our blade edges are the toughest in the business, cutting through not only tough root systems but allowing you to dig in tough soil conditions. Dig in just about any conditions with ease and minimal annual maintenance.

Anyone can learn how to operate a BIG JOHN spade with minimal instruction and successfully dig a tree in a matter of minutes. Maintenance requirements are simple, quick, and affordable with a minimal time commitment to keep your spade at peak performance.

Made with top grade plastics for heavy duty use, our slide blocks dig for thousands of tree moves with ease and simplicity. Fewer moving parts, no bolts to rust, and no small plastic parts to keep track of make the simple design of BIG JOHN spades last decades longer.

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