For businesses involved in farming or tree removal, the challenging Texan soil is a well-known obstacle when moving large trees in and out of fields. However, this complicated process can be easily simplified with the help of tree-moving attachments like spades.

At Big John Manufacturing, we fully understand the importance of addressing agricultural needs with care. We take immense pride in offering a diverse range of top-quality attachments. With over 40 years of experience, we truly empathize with such circumstances and strive to provide you with optimal products that ensure the utmost precision. Also, we offer financing options to assist those in need when acquiring tree-moving equipment!


Discover Our Top-Quality Tree Attachments

Big John Manufacturing offers top-quality tree-moving attachments that meet specific needs.

Our skid steer attachments are designed for preparing ground nursery digging. They are lightweight yet durable, with AR400 cold-formed straight blades. These versatile spades can handle trees from 1″ to 5″ in diameter. Customize your unit with options! It’s available in 3 or 4 blades and pointed, semi-truncated, or truncated blades. Add hydraulic stabilizers and adjustable leveling pads upon request.

Our BIG JOHN tree spades are designed to be easily transported with your tractor, thanks to the specialized three-point hitch model specifically built for tractors. These tractor spades are ideal for digging in prepared soils and are commonly used in landscaping and nursery settings. With their efficient design and sturdy construction, our tree spades offer convenience and reliability for all tree planting needs.

Our exclusive BIG JOHN Tree Tyer and Limb Lifters minimize the time and cost of tying 3″ to 12″ trees. They ensure easy transportation and reduce damage during movement. The Tree Tyer features a quick-in and quick-out downsizing ring with a 60″ inside diameter and a 20″ gate opening for convenient trunk access. The Limb Lifter enables quick tree tying with easily mountable skid steers, delivering efficient results in minutes.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Unique Tree Products!

When choosing our tree moving attachments, you’re getting a variety of benefits, such as:


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Our attachments are designed to provide maximum productivity and minimal downtime.


Our tree attachments adapt to various applications, from land clearing to limb management.


Adjustable cutting heights and precise control mechanisms ensure accurate and controlled tree operations.

At BIG JOHN, We Want To Be The Top Choice For Texas Farmers!

Avoid the pitfalls of unreliable products that hinder their operations. At Big John Manufacturing, we strive to provide the highest standard of tree spades in Texas and ensure hassle-free operations. We offer financing options, maintenance services, and our selection of tree-moving attachments.

Experience excellence with our tree spades in Texas, all within 3 easy steps:

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All-Welded Construction

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Proven results from Proud BIG JOHN Owners

I would definitely recommend the Big John tree spades to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient and robust digging machine. The style and design of the Big John 90D proved to be way better and allowed for more down pressure in much harder ground than the other manufacturers’ spade.

Stephen Jones

Friendly service, straight to the point type. Check’m’out!

Robert Dobbins

Amazing and reliable machines.

Lukáš Kaprál

Big John has been the back bone of our company for 30 years now. They are high in quality, durability, dependability, and affordability. Great response from parts and service if needed. Still moving trees in north east Florida.

Keith Kirker

Quality-built Tree Spades made by an American company with a proven track record since the 1970’s.

After owning 3 different manufacturers of Tree Spades I realized I needed to use the Big John brand so I could be more efficient No other manufacturer offers the tree pod capability of taking multiple trees to the job site with 1 trip. Fuel is expensive and time isn’t cheap!

Fred Heckman

Fantastic company with people who care about your business and their products are first class with the service to back them up.

Bryon Rahn