In Nebraska, efficient tree transportation is crucial for farming operations. Whether businesses are farming or transplanting trees, logistical challenges can often cause delays. However, you don’t have to worry about it with BIG JOHN and our exceptional line of tree-moving attachments!

At BIG JOHN, we understand the significance of dependable equipment. That’s why our tree spades in Nebraska are designed to enhance operations. For over 40 years, we have developed and perfected our tree spades, allowing farmers to move trees with ease and accuracy successfully!

Discover Our Top-Quality Tree Spades

We proudly offer the following tree spades in Nebraska:

Our innovative truck-mounted tree spades set the industry standard, delivering high-quality results worldwide. Designed for professional movers, our reliable and efficient lineup can be customized to meet unique needs. Easily handle trees up to 14 inches in diameter with our truck-mounted tree spades.

Our BIG JOHN trailer-mounted tree spades, available in sizes ranging from 45″ to 65″, offer robust capabilities like our other spades. Specifically designed for landscaping and municipal applications, these self-contained and durable tree spades ensure the utmost convenience and reliability. 

Our loader-mounted tree spades are versatile with other loader attachments and popular in sandy soil. Perfect for production digging, on-site work, and landscaping, these compact units with rugged design characteristics make tree-moving easy.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some main reasons why you can trust our  farm equipment:

Precision and Efficiency

All our products are produced with top-notch quality materials and manufactured parts.

Professional Staff

Our experts can answer any questions about our tree-removing products. 

Financing Options

We offer flexible financing options to ensure you get the right tree spade for your needs.

Maintenance Services

We offer reliable maintenance services, and our parts are easily available to ensure your tree spade remains in good condition. 

Find Top-Rated Tree Spades for Your Needs With Big John Manufacturing!

When it comes to tree farming or transplantation businesses, it is vital to steer clear of unreliable or subpar tree spades. Investing in such equipment can hinder operations and lead to frustration. However, by partnering with Big John Manufacturing, businesses can achieve success. 

Our top-rated farm equipment guarantees efficient and seamless tree transportation, optimizing farming operations and eliminating logistical challenges. We also offer a variety of other products, including tree-moving attachments

Get top-quality tree spades in Nebraska in 3 simple steps:

  1. Reach out to us for expert advice and tailored solutions.
  2. Schedule a convenient time to acquire our top-quality tree products.
  3. Revel in peace of mind, knowing you are receiving the best products available.
Made in USA 40+ Years
Top-Quality Components
One Person Operable
All-Welded Construction

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Proven results from Proud BIG JOHN Owners

I would definitely recommend the Big John tree spades to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient and robust digging machine. The style and design of the Big John 90D proved to be way better and allowed for more down pressure in much harder ground than the other manufacturers’ spade.

Stephen Jones

Friendly service, straight to the point type. Check’m’out!

Robert Dobbins

Amazing and reliable machines.

Lukáš Kaprál

Big John has been the back bone of our company for 30 years now. They are high in quality, durability, dependability, and affordability. Great response from parts and service if needed. Still moving trees in north east Florida.

Keith Kirker

Quality-built Tree Spades made by an American company with a proven track record since the 1970’s.

After owning 3 different manufacturers of Tree Spades I realized I needed to use the Big John brand so I could be more efficient No other manufacturer offers the tree pod capability of taking multiple trees to the job site with 1 trip. Fuel is expensive and time isn’t cheap!

Fred Heckman

Fantastic company with people who care about your business and their products are first class with the service to back them up.

Bryon Rahn