Skid Steer Tree Spades Improve Survivability for Small Trees

Skid Steer Tree Spades Improve Survivability for Small Trees

If you’re a nursery owner then you’re probably worried about moving and transplanting trees and what that means for tree survivability—and the effects on your bottom line. At BIG JOHN, we offer skid steer tree spades that take care of your trees in the transplanting process to improve survivability and decrease your tree losses.

BIG JOHN has been a leader in the tree spade industry for over 40 years and we help our clients move their trees with ease and care. It’s no secret that we paved the way for nursery owners and better productivity with innovative tree spade designs since our beginnings.

We take the same durability and ease of operation our larger spades are known for and put it into a smaller design to suit your nursery needs. All of our designs are made to be adaptable and ready to dig in prepared soil to increase the survivability of your trees while being transplanted

Transplanting Small Trees with BIG JOHN Spade Attachments

If you are moving young trees, you need to consider their age, their root systems, and their ability to grow after being transplanted. Most trees take one year per inch in diameter of the tree trunk to fully recover after transplanting. After being uprooted and moved, trees could take much longer to recover if not properly transplanted with the right spade.

But with the properly sized skid steer spade attachment, you can improve tree survivability and help your trees grow more quickly after transplanting. By moving a larger root ball with a skid steer spade, your trees are more likely to thrive—which increases your bottom line.

We offer a number of blade configurations to give our customers the versatility they need from a skid steer to get the right sized root ball.

Skid Steer Designs to Fit Your Needs

When it comes to digging smaller trees, we know that there may be a need for special conditions or requirements to move them smoothly. Smaller spades allow you to dig easily, quickly, and carefully.

At BIG JOHN, our skid steer tree spades are not a one-size-fits-all machine. Our tree spades come in a variety of sizes to accommodate unique needs such as soil conditions and row planting plans.

We are able to add custom tree spades attachment to make it easier for you to operate while maintaining the life and quality of the trees at the same time. Our attachments and features include:

  • Wireless Remotes
  • Extra Hydraulic Bays for Accessories
  • Adjustable Leveling Pads
  • Heavy Duty Gate Hinges
  • Durable Slide Blocks
  • Cold Formed Blades
  • Adjustable Valve Body Speed

BIG JOHN skid steer tree spades are not only adjustable and affordable but our heavy duty hinges are made to outlast other spade companies. Depending on the type of soil conditions your nursery is in, our nursery tree spades come in pointed, semi-truncated, and truncated with 30°, 25°, and 22° blade angles.

Our skid steer tree spades are designed to easily maneuver through narrow planting rows so you don’t damage any surrounding trees or soil. You are able to dig new holes, uproot, and transplant trees all with one machine thanks to our skid steer tree spade design.

Save Your Bottom Dollar

Affordability is important when you’re considering purchasing tree spades to help you get the job done around the nursery. The bottom line is—you pay for what you get. If you’re looking at a cheaper spade, you’re probably going to get less than half the quality of a more robust one and may damage your trees in the process.

Our skid steer spades are designed to handle high volume jobs with the same type of quality and durability as our bigger spades. We’ve designed our spades to improve the size and shape of the root ball to increase tree survivability in a variety of conditions.

You can also get everything you’re looking for for a better price. Some of our BIG JOHN family members have been owning and operating the same tree spade for over 40 years. You don’t have to replace parts or repair the machine as often as you would with a less durable one and can often dig thousands of more trees than cheap alternatives.

Speed up your nursery projects and take care of your trees at the same time with our BIG JOHN skid steer spades. You will get the most out of your projects while maintaining affordability.

Give us a call to find out what tree spade best suits your needs. We’re happy to share our knowledge of tree spades to help your tree moving experience.