3 Things You Should Know About Large Tree Spades

3 Things You Should Know About Large Tree Spades

If you’re still moving trees by hand, it’s a pretty long and tedious task that requires lots of hand digging and man hours. We’re here to help you find a better way to move large trees with a tree spade designed for the job. That’s why we created our large tree spades to help save people time, money, and man power when it came to moving trees.

John May started the first design of our tree spade with curvilinear towers and four spoon shaped blades. Our first large tree spades were designed to help get the job done quickly and easily. 40 years later, we’re still the leading manufacturer of large tree spades in the United States. Now a job that used to take days to complete only takes minutes.

Our BIG JOHN tree spade machines are made in America and are durable, proven, and versatile. We have been in the tree spade industry for over 40 years and have a long history of innovation when it comes to making our spades as efficient as possible so we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a great large tree spade. We put together the three things you need to know when it comes to finding the best large tree spade for your needs.

Large Tree Spades Save Labor Costs

We’ve specifically designed our BIG JOHN spades to be easy for anyone to use and operate and only require a one-man crew. Instead of digging by hand, our spades can handle trees up to 14” in diameter. We offer multiple sizes of large, truck mounted tree spades for any tree moving application.

Our large spades are designed to be a one-person system that makes the moving process as smooth as possible. Our truck mounted spades have hydraulic water tanks that provide lubrication for tough digging conditions and leveling pads for digging on unlevel terrain. All of our spades come with easy to follow instructions and optional wireless remotes and cameras to make your tree moving experience as seamless as possible.

With a BIG JOHN large tree spade, you don’t need a crew of 5 to 10 people to move a single tree. Instead, with just a few minutes and a one man crew, you can move a tree quickly and easily for less cost.

Large Tree Spades Save Time

It’s no secret that tree spades were designed to save time. Instead of having to spend days hand digging, protecting the roots during the process, and carefully moving a tree, you can move a tree and root ball in just minutes.

Not only do we make our machines easy to use but they are known for their productivity as well. If you’re a seasoned truck mounted tree spade operator, you can do even more digs in less time. The best part? It’s easy to learn how to use our large truck mounted tree spades and you can become a pro in just a few digs.

If you are a professional tree moving service or in the nursery industry, our tree spade trucks will save you time spent digging and moving trees so you can get more done in a less time, making your tree moving season even more profitable.

Large Tree Spades Save Money

Our customers have told us for years that our large tree spades have durability and longevity that beats out our competition. Many customers in the BIG JOHN family have been owning and operating their spades for decades and still use them to this day. We’re proud to be an important part of their businesses that keep running for decades.

BIG JOHN tree spades have a reputation of being built to last and the proof is in the longevity of our machines. Ask any BIG JOHN operator what they love most about our large tree spades and they’ll all agree that they’re tough. Our spades require little maintenance for upkeep and we’ve made sure that maintenance is simple and affordable.

Thinking About Buying a Large Tree Spade?

We are proud to have helped transform the tree moving community with our spades but we’re most proud that we have helped so many BIG JOHN operators succeed over the years.

When it comes to moving large trees, tree transplanting, or digging in tough conditions, BIG JOHN tree spades can help you get the job done. We’re here to help answer your questions about buying a large tree spade, which large tree spade is right for you, and how you can run your tree moving business to be more profitable with a BIG JOHN spade.

Give us a call and find out just how great our customer service is, not just that we make great spades.