1″ – 4″ Trees

Application: Trailers

Compact and Sturdy

The 44DTG is one of the smaller trailer spades that operates with simplicity and durability. Made with AR400 spade material, the Model 44 is made for trailers 177" in length and comes with hydraulic rear stabilizers and an extendable trailer tongue.


Trailer Length 177″
Trailer Width 99”
Tree Trunk Diameter 1″ – 4″
Root Ball Width 44″
Root Ball Depth 36″
Root Ball Weight (approx.) 1,350 lbs
Machine Weight (empty/loaded) 5,500/6,850 lbs
Transport Height 10’11”
Blade Tower Height (down position) 6’9″
Gate Opening 24″
Opening Width 89″
Number of Spades 4
Hydraulic Gate Lock Yes
Spade Material AR400
Drive System (minimum GPM) 14
Hydraulic Tongue Ext Yes
Tongue Swivel Left/Right 30°/30°
Hydraulic Jack Stand Yes
Adjust. Hydraulic Pads No
Adjust. Mechanical Pads No

Meet the 44DTG

  • Trailer Available in Different Sizes
  • Extendable Trailer Tongue
  • Hydraulic Jack
  • Articulating Trailer Tongue
  • 8,000 lb Axle
  • Heavy Duty Lift track with Texas Slides
  • Heavy Duty Slide blocks in the blades
  • 13 Section Valve Bank
  • Electric Brakes

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