55 Pod Trailer

Application: Trailer Mounted

Move More Trees in Less Time

We offer 55" Tree Pod Trailers for our BIG JOHN customers to move multiple trees in a single trip

Custom designed for the BIG JOHN 55" Tree Spade, the 55" tree pod trailer allows you to move multiple trees in a single trip. We offer a range of customizations to allow multiple trees in a single trip, from single pods up to 3.


Empty Weight 4,500 lbs 6,500 lbs
Length 19’6″ 27′
Axles 2 — 7,000 lbs 2 — 10,000 lbs
Brakes Electric Electric & Air
Engine Honda Honda
Engine HP 8 8

Meet the 55 Pod Trailer

Whether you’re just getting started with moving trees with a tree spade or expanding your tree spade lineup, our spades offer a range of optional features that give you a robust package you need at the right price. Our spades are often more cost efficient than the competition because you can get the features you need, not what you don’t.

BIG JOHN tree spades and tree moving accessories operate for decades with minimal maintenance. Some of our first customers are still operating their spades today, 40 years later. Our spades are proven, decade after decade.

When you buy a BIG JOHN, you’re buying more than just a tree spade. You’re joining the BIG JOHN family and getting a team of tree spade experts on your side to help you grow your business. We’ll be here to help for the life of the spade—which can be decades.

Our history with spades runs deep with the original idea for a tree spade from John May. He invented and patented a tree spade with curvilinear towers and four spoon shaped blades that lead to the first BIG JOHN models. Today, we constantly improve on that original design with innovative changes directly influenced by the needs of our customers. We designed our first spade from start to finish—and do the same today.