Skid Steer Tree Spades: All About BIG JOHN’s Models

Skid Steer Tree Spades: All About BIG JOHN’s Models

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to the high volume needs of a tree nursery. As a tree nursery owner, you’ve probably seen a number of different solutions to digging trees, from inefficient hand digging to skid steer tree spade attachments that aren’t robust enough for the job.


Times are changing thanks to the BIG JOHN skid steer tree spade lineup. Since the launch of our small tree spades a few years ago, we’ve been making a consistent stream of improvements to make our spades more efficient, fast, and durable.


It’s amazing how much quality machinery can impact a business’s productivity and revenue over a lifetime. Whether it’s for easy convenience or for your entire operation, the BIG JOHN skid steer tree spade  line up has a wide variety of tree spades that are made to tackle all of your high volume jobs. 


We took the durability or longevity of our truck mounted tree spades and put it into a smaller, compact package. We designed our skid steer tree spade attachments to dig in prepared ground and to fit a wide range of skid steer loaders.


As the leading tree spade manufacturer  in the United States, we are known to deliver quality and cost effective machinery.


Taking the Best Tree Spade Features To a Smaller Package


It’s no secret that skid steer tree spade machines are considered a “jack-of-all-trades” when it comes to landscaping and nursery digging. The versatility of the skid steer tree spades are what take them to the next level but they have to be equipped to handle the high-speed pace of a volume tree nursery. 


One thing we’ve learned over the years of making tree spades is everyone works in their own style. Customization is essential to getting the job done as quickly and easily as possible. So our spades aren’t one-size-fits-all pieces of equipment. We can add a range of customizations that help getting business done easier. 


Multiple Sizes


Every nursery tends to love one skid steer spade size over another because of the unique needs of their soil conditions and row planting plans. We offer our skid steer attachments in various sizes, give us a call and we will help you find the right solution for your needs.


Blade Type and Number


Our nursery tree spade models are designed for prepared soil but the blade angle, depth, and number can have a big impact on profitability and portability of the root ball. 


Our nursery tree spades come in pointed, semi-truncated, and truncated with 30°, 25°, and 22° blade angles, respectively.  


Wireless Remotes


High volume tree nurseries need everything at their disposal to transplant trees as quickly as possible and wireless remotes are one of the easiest tools to use to make tree moving faster. 


The best part? At BIG JOHN our remote controls are standard equipment, we believe these are so essential to the success of your tree farm that we’ve made them as affordable as possible. We also made the remotes as intuitive as possible to make it easy for anyone to operate a nursery tree spade.


Extra Hydraulic Bays for Accessories


Bigger needs call for even more versatility so we added an extra hydraulic bay to our tree spades for accessories. It all started because a customer needed to move bigger, heavier trees but was having trouble with standard skid steer tree spade. We designed our tree spades to give the flexibility to add on skid steer stabilizers for tougher digs. You can also use the bays for any other accessories you might want to add into your tree moving mix.


Adjustable Leveling Pads


Sometimes you just need to dig a little bit more shallow and that’s where adjustable leveling pads come in. You can easily adjust the leveling pads to short dig with your skid steer tree spade and make a smaller root ball, giving you the versatility of a smaller skid steer spade size.


Heavy Duty Gate Hinges, Durable Slide Blocks & Cold Formed Blades


Above all else, BIG JOHN is known for our durability and long-lasting quality of our spades. Some of our customers are still using the same spade they bought over 40 years ago! We wanted to bring that same durability to our smaller tree spades so we used the same ideas and build quality. This includes heavy duty gate hinges, slide blocks made to last thousands of digs, and cold formed blades for long lasting digging power. 


Adjustable Valve Body Speed


One of the less commonly adjusted features of our spades is adjustable valve body speed. Experienced operators can adjust the speed to move trees faster than the standard speed or to slow it down for new operators getting their feet wet.


The BIG JOHN quick attach tree spade is versatile for almost any job. We have designed our spades with a lot of thought and attention to detail to make our spades the best on the market. Did we mention that we’re often able to get our spades into customers’ hands for cheaper than the competitors, shipping included?


Perfect for Landscaping Jobs


You might find it a bit intimidating when figuring out how fit a skid steer tree spade into your work but they’re surprisingly easy to use. 


Their simple, compact design allows them to be taken almost anywhere with a simple trailer setup for your skid steer and attachment. The machines are light and can be transported from your nursery to your customer’s backyard with ease and are perfect for closely planted trees in a nursery setting.


Our skid steer tree spades are perfect addition for tree farms and landscapers to help get trees out of the ground and headed to the customers.


Affordability is Important 


If you’re comparing spade options, you might be tempted to get a lighter, less robust tree spade attachment. But for high volume needs, be careful—what you pay for is what you get. Our tree spades are made for higher volume and more robust digging needs than lower cost options and are ideal for someone looking to move trees regularly.


Despite that our spades are a mid-range price point, they come with the durability and longevity of a more expensive model. Investing in a small tree transplanters, will help in a nursery or if needed in a growing landscape business to speed up a tree project.


Give us a call to find out what tree spade best suits your needs. We’re happy to share our knowledge of tree spades to help your tree-moving experience.