Transform Your Hunting Property With BIG JOHN

Transform Your Hunting Property With BIG JOHN

It’s no secret that BIG JOHN Manufacturing is known for being America’s leading tree spades for nurseries or landscaping businesses. We have been delivering quality tree spades and accessories for over 40 years.

But did you know you can use BIG JOHN for so much more than just moving and transplanting trees? You can now use it for fun projects like building the ultimate hunting blind. Take your hunting season to the next level with the help of BIG JOHN and we’re here to tell you how.

What Can BIG JOHN Do for Your Hunting Properties?

You can make your favorite hunting spot look amazing before the season even starts. BIG JOHN tree spades are simple, durable, and versatile. We can’t improve your shot but we might be able to help you create the best blind for your hunting season.

You’d be surprised at all the ways trees can drastically change your landscape and even your hunting spot. If you’re looking to spruce up your favorite spot, BIG JOHN’s got you covered.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Make your duck hunting spot look amazing
  • Create your own place for the future with bigger trees
  • Put trees around you favorite deer hunting spots
  • Move around pheasant or quail habitat to give the birds some protection
  • Move plugs of natural grasses to give you the 100-year-ago look
  • Save trees when putting in new roads or trails
  • Make your hunting lodge look great
  • Add tree shade for the hang out after the morning hunt
  • Improves your property values
  • Let people see amazing trees lining the roads to your cabins or lodges to add to the hunting experience

Our high-quality tree spades can help you do all of this, and more!

By simply being able to move around trees and tall grass as you desire, you can develop the perfect ecosystem that will attract your game and construct the blind or hunting spot of your dreams. Our tree spades are easy to use and cut down on the amount of time it would take you to do all this yourself.

This hunting season, if you’re looking for something to help improve your luck, then check out BIG JOHN manufacturing and see how our tree spades can help you.