Model 54

1″ – 5″ Trees

Application: Skid Steers

Light Weight and Easy to Control

The Model 54 BIG JOHN nursery digger is light weight and hosts cold formed straight blades, which are 30 degrees truncated.

This digger can move trees that are 1" to 5" in diameter and fits a myriad of skid steer loaders. Made for digging in prepared soils, the 54 skid steer tree spade attachment allows for larger tree moves with a small package. We offer the 54" nursery digger in a truncated blade model to reduce digging weight and height.

The Model 54 comes complete with electric valve bank and wireless remote control with specifications below. It's designed for prepared ground nursery digging and fits a myriad of skid steer loaders. The 54 comes with a standard wireless remote and blade material of 1/4" cold formed AR400.


Tree Trunk Diameter 1″ – 5″ 1″ – 5″
Root Ball Width (Adjustable) 54″ 54″
Root Ball Depth (Adjustable) 42″ 32 1/2″
Root Ball Weight 2,400 lbs 3,050 lbs
Total Machine Weight 3,000 lbs 2,800 lbs
Blade Tower Height 96 1/2″ 77 3/4″
Gate Opening 35″ 32 1/2″
Operating Width 166 1/2″ 130″
Number of Spades 4 4
Hydraulic Gate Lock Yes Yes
Adjustable Mechanical Pads Yes Yes
Spade Material AR400 AR400
Drive System (Minimum GPM) 10 – 16 GPM 10 – 16 GPM

Meet the Model 54

Control your tree spade with ease using cabled controls or from anywhere with a wireless remote that allows for easy operation.

Gate hinges designed for stressful conditions, our spades feature heavy-duty gate hinges that beat the competition for longevity.

Add on stabilizers or other optional features to make your skid steer tree spade more robust with an extra valve section for add-on hydraulic components.

Anyone can learn how to operate a BIG JOHN spade with minimal instruction and successfully dig a tree in a matter of minutes. Maintenance requirements are simple, quick, and affordable with a minimal time commitment to keep your spade at peak performance.

Made with top grade plastics for heavy duty use, our slide blocks dig for thousands of tree moves with ease and simplicity. Fewer moving parts, no bolts to rust, and no small plastic parts to keep track of make the simple design of BIG JOHN spades last decades longer.

Our blades are cold-formed from AR400 steel, making them durable and strong for all kinds of digging conditions and maintaining their integrity for decades. The blades are also fluted to distribute the stress of digging better in tough conditions.

Get the level of digging speed you need with adjustable valve bodies on all our skid steer tree spades. Slow spades down for safety with new operators or speed up for seasoned spade users for efficiency.

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