B&B and Landscaping Equipment

BIG JOHN’s new B&B and landscaping equipment is built with our core values in mind. They’re simple; easy to maintain and less costly to buy. They’re also one-operator pieces of equipment. They’re durable; fewer parts means there’s less that could go wrong, less maintenance, and longer life. They’re proven; the hand-shaped paddles mean the root balls are secured with no chance of slipping out of control. Where they’re grabbed is where they stay. And, of course, like all of our other pieces of equipment, they help you save time and money.

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• Quickly attaches to skidsters.
• Safely handles root balls 14″ to 54″ in size.
• Move boulders up to 1.5 tons.

Grabber S

• Navigate tight spaces.
• Rotate the arms up to 90 degrees.


• Transports up to three 24″ root balls.
• Telescoping arms extend to reach to over 8 ft.

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